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About Us

 About Us


We are glad to be the first online Gift shop in Jordan. By choosing you will be able to:

- Shop your gifts from our extensive selection of flowers, plants, balloons, chocolates, cakes, toys, shirts, gadgets and much more through our website (FLORA will be adding more items soon).

- Enjoy free same day delivery on all items (flowers need to be ordered 24 hours in advance), and get your gifts shipped to your selected destination inside Amman (FLORA saves your money, time and effort).

- Save your time & effort and never miss an occasion! Is it a rainy day? Having pressure at work? Are you out of town? Is there a heavy traffic? Do you hate to describe your gift idea to the seller? Are you not good at gifts like flowers and balloons and prefer to choose amongst ready samples? Are you having a lazy day? (FLORA is your savior).

- You can choose to pay for your order by credit or debit card, PayPal, or even cash on delivery. (Flora is meant to make buying easier).

- Enjoy reasonable prices for all items. (Flora saves your money).

In our official Facebook page, you can still enjoy to select your favorite gifts from some of our items, give us a call at 0799311811 to check the availability and confirm your order! And here you go; your gift will be delivered to wherever you like inside Amman and on the top of that, there is NO delivery charges.

If you don't want to pay through our website, you can also pay for your orders easily by transferring the payment safely and securely to our PayPal account: / or by cash on delivery.

If a type or color of flowers or balloons is not available due to the end of its season, or because it is not available at the main distributors themselves, then we guarantee to replace it with the a very close type or color, assuring to keep the same beautiful appearance you require and the same value as well.

* NOTE: We specialise in wedding and party flowers & balloons. Our very experienced florists and specialists design the flowers & balloons to fit your requirements and budget. Call us NOW for more info. at 0799311811